Christmas Tree Festival 2014

Veryan Church's Christmas Tree Festival 2014
Christmas Trees 00006  The Evergreen Symbol of Eternal Life Christmas Trees 00007  Veryan Primary School Christmas Trees 00008  Portloe Church Christmas Trees 00009  The History Of The Christmas Tree
Christmas Trees 00011  The Roseland Knitters Christmas Trees 00012  Veryan Players Christmas Trees 00013  Veryan Parish Council Christmas Trees 00014  Veryan and Portloe Preschool
Christmas Trees 00018  Veryan and Roseland Tennis Club Christmas Trees 00034  The Bell Ringers Christmas Trees 00035  Veryan Indoor Bowls Club Christmas Trees 00036  Veryan Ladies Book Club
Christmas Trees 00039  Veryan Sports and Social Club Christmas Trees 00040  The Chain Gang Veryan Church Christmas Tree Festival 2014  The Church Portloe Church
Portloe Church Detail The 3rd Roseland Brownies The 3rd Roseland Brownies Detail The Bell Ringers
The Bell Ringers Detail The Chain Gang The Chain Gang Detail The Evergreen Tree
The Roseland Knitters The Roseland Knitters Detail Veryan and Portloe Preschool Veryan and Portloe Preschool Detail
Veryan and Roseland Tennis Club Veryan and Roseland Tennis Club Detail Veryan Indoor Bowls Club Veryan Indoor Bowls Club Detail
Veryan Ladies Book Club Veryan Ladies Book Club Detail Veryan Parish Council Veryan Parish Council Detail
Veryan Players Veryan Players Detail Veryan Primary School Veryan Primary School Detail
Veryan Sports and Social Club Veryan Sports and Social Club Detail Veryan WI Veryan WI Detail
View from the top of the Vestry Above the Porch1 Above the Porch 2 Above the Porch 3
Above the Porch 4 Above the Porch 5 Above the Porch 6 Above the Porch 7
Above the porch 8 Above the Porch 9