Hera Commemoration Weekend 2014

Covering the events that took place to commemorate the centenary of the wrecking of the "Hera"
Steven Wild, Bishop Chris and Canon Doug opening the exhibition Steven Wild and Bishop Chris At the Exhibition opening Bishop Chris, Steve Wild, Canon Doug
Brotherhood of the Sea Bragg Postcards and the Grave Burial Records close up Canon Kempes notebook
Information from Denmark and Germany The Bragg Postcards The Burial Records The Chile connection
The Doctors notebooks Bringing it up to date
Written work from the school a recovered part of the ship
Some artifacts Some of the artifacts two lumps of coal
Exhibition in the Church Kathleen who was at the 1914 service as a baby Saturday Morning More Visitors Saturday Morning
Saturday Afternoon Visitors Saturday Afternoon More Saturday Afternoon And still they come- Saturday PM
Still around at 4PM Saturday! The Three People behind it all! The Revd Michael Geach Viewing the exhibition
The Saturday Evening Concert Saturday Evening Du Hag Owr and Philleigh Shout Du Hag Owr in full voice
Du Hag Owr Philleigh Shout and Du Hag Owr Shout and Du Hag Owr
Trounce Guy with the Story of the Hera 45 mins before the Service Every Pew was in use! Procession of the Clergy
The Procession Sunday Morning A Full Church Revd Jon Robertshaw Communion
Roseland Churches Choir Refreshment Break for the Choir At the Grave
Canon Doug and the Dean at the Grave Canon Doug starting the rededication
Paying Respects at the Grave rededication of the Grave The rededication service The Rededication of the Grave
Sunday After the rededication Sunday Afternoon The Dean, Canon Doug and German Hon Consul Mrs Angela Spatz They still came on Sunday
Visitors to the exhibition The wreathes Wreaths on the Grave
Memorial Plaque on the wreck