Wyrd Sisters

Veryan Players Summer Production 2013
Wyrd Sisters Cast The Three Witches On the Blasted Heath Three Witches
Soldiers and Witches I Didn't want to do it! Become a Sailor young man A Deadly Heath!
Magrat, Nanny Ogg, Granny Weatherwax Magrat and Granny Weatherwax Magrat and Granny Duke, Duchess and Fool
Fool, Duke, Duchess Duke and Lady Felmet Duke and Duchess Fool Contemplating Life
Fool, Duke, Duchess and Chamberlain Chamberlain The people like the witches Duke and Duchess on the thrones
Lady Felmet Fool, Sereant, Duke Three Witches at the theatre Magrat, Nanny and Granny at theatre
How do they get them to turn up Granny and Vitoller Olwyn Vitoller, actor-manager Witches and Vitoller
Vitoller and Wife Has your union been blessed That will do nicely Witches
They gave me a bun! Didn't I make myself clear It had currants in it Fool and Duke Felmet
Come in and call the cat a bastard Witches at home Nanny Ogg's kitchen Nanny, Magrat and Granny in the kitchen
Fool's Soliloquy Granfather beat jokes in Never let me catch you joculating I love a good invocation
calling the demon (rehearsal) run along (rehearsal) Demon and Witches Give me the keys
Duke Felmet in the dungeon Nanny in stocks Nanny with Duke and Lady Felmet Dead King Verence
Nanny and Verence Verence and Nanny Ogg In the dungeon Lady Felmet and her toys!
Can I Have a go outside the castle Granny and a Peasant I am a simple apple seller
Do I look like a witch Do I turn into a frog if I kiss you Go ahead...make my day It wasn't a bad attempt
You can't replace me Dungeon scene a Lady in search of an author back on the blasted heath
Magrat and fool Lancre will sleep for 15 years Get me out of here we kissed for 15 years
Fool and Magrat It's all above board but he's a fool I've come 500 miles to find you
Vitoller, Hwel and Tomjon Can we do the play You can do it Hwel I can see them coming
Nanny Ogg and Magrat Travelling Players You Can't see me I didn't want to do it
They play starts at 8 Watching the play Granny, Nanny and Verence Hwel and Cauldron
Hwel and Witches (rehearsal) What Sort of Witches are you Hwel's motivational talk Play within the play
I didn't do it, I wasn't there Tomjon and actor playing death we're not witches Granny, Magrat, Nanny backstage
backstage again Hwel and Witches You don't have to say anything The Duke and Duchess and Tomjon
Magrat, Granny, Duchess, Duke, Tomjon Leave it alone dear It's only plastic and red paper Duchess
The Actors Forget the words Take a stab at it man! What have they done to my play!
The Duke making a point It wasn't like that I saw it all killing people is bad!
You don't scare me! You won't get away with it I'm an actor, not a King Why me
You have no choice destiny curtain call curtain call 2
Nanny Ogg in her garden Nanny Ogg's levitating broomstick Prog 1 Prog 2
Prog 3 Prog 4 Prog 5 Prog 6
Prog 7 Prog 8 Prog 9 The Happy Director
Reading in for a missing cast member Brewing Up Trouble Setting up the Hall01 Setting up the Hall02
Setting up the Hall03 Setting up the Hall04 Setting up the Hall05 Setting up the Hall06
Setting up the Hall07 Setting up the Hall08 Setting up the Hall09 Setting up the Hall10
Setting up the Hall11 Setting up the Hall12 Setting up the Hall13 Chamberlain, Duke and Duchess